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  • Admission for April 2024

    We are accepting applications for April Term 2024, regarding study in Japan with a student visa. Since applica […]

    Sep 28,2023
  • Notice for tuition fee’s revision from year 2024

    ARC Academy Shinjuku School has always strived for efficiency and cost reduction , but due to the recent gener […]

    Jul 05,2023
  • 2023 Summer Course

    This is a special package course that consists of both “Japanese Class” and “Sightseeing/Cultural Experience.” […]

    Jan 19,2023
  • Course Schedule in 2023


    Please click to see our Course Schedule in 2023 of each school.

    Sep 08,2022
  • Graduation ceremony

    On March 11th, the graduation ceremony was held at school this year. We had the ceremony multiple times with a […]

    Mar 31,2022
  • We held the Cultural Festival

    The Cultural Festival was held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of ARC.It was the first time to have the Cult […]

    Sep 02,2021
  • Apply now for Summer Course

    The applications for the summer course are now open on two course schedules. Please do not hesitate to contact […]

    Apr 09,2021
  • Accepting applications for Intensive Japanese Course

    At the Shinjuku School, we accept new intensive students 4 times a year, which are in April, July, October and […]

    Apr 09,2021

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