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Reopening of the school


  • Course Schedule in 2020


    Please click to see our Course Schedule in 2020 of each school.

    Dec 25,2019
  • Closure notice for the Holiday Season

    We will be closed during the holiday season as below:[Shinjuku School, Tokyo School & Kyoto School]Decembe […]

    Dec 20,2019
  • Course Schedule in 2019

    Please click to see our Course Schedule in 2019 of each school.

    Oct 01,2018
  • Establishment of “ARC GAKUEN”

    Ownership of “ARC Academy Shibuya School (Iidabashi school)” passes to the Incorporated Educationa […]

    Oct 02,2017
  • Student Achievements of the year 2016

    Click to see the list of Student Achievement of the year 2016.

    Apr 14,2017
  • Graduation Ceremony (Iidabashi & Shinjuku Schools)

    Graduation Ceremony was held in Bunkyo Civic Hall jointly with Iidabashi and Shinjuku schools on Tuesday, Marc […]

    Mar 12,2017

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