Business Japanese Class is conceived for those who wish to work for a Japanese company in or outside Japan. With the progress of globalization, Japanese companies’ expectations on foreign students as highly skilled professionals are rising too. On the other hand, the number of foreign students being employed in Japanese companies grows every year: according to data released by the Ministry of Justice, compared to 5 years ago, the number of foreign students who applied for conversion from student visa to working visa has increased of 65%, which is roughly 13,000 people. What Japanese companies demand the most, is the understanding of Japanese corporate culture and high communication skills. In Business Japanese Class, all while aiming at improving their Japanese to perform properly in business, students deepen their understanding of Japanese society and companies and acquire the knowledge and business manners required to work for a Japanese firm.


    • 1. Intensive program organized to allow students to earn job offers in 6 months.
    • 2. Original program based on two main pillars: understanding Japanese job search and employment exam culture, and improvement of working skills.
    • 3.Communication skills training for handling appropriately different business situations.
    • 4.Students are followed by teachers who combine rich career backgrounds and excellent advisory skills.
    • 5.Comprehensive follow up, to assistance through registration with recruiting agencies and sharing of job offers.
    • 6.Lectures by visiting teachers on business related subjects.
    • 7.Support with internships arrangement on demand.
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    Course Outline


    Tokyo School


    April or October


    6 months


    From Monday to Friday From 9:15 to 12:30


    • (1)Applicants must be a University graduate
    • (2)For those who want to work for in Japan, or for a Japanese company in their own country
    • (3)Concerning Japanese Proficiency, applicants must meet one of the following conditions:

      • ① Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)N2 level
      • ② Pass ARC Japanese exam, equivalent to JLPT N2 level

    ■Admission exam

    • (1)ARC Japanese exam(N2 holders are exempted)
    • (2)Essay
    • (3)Interview

    ■Available seats


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      Topic Content Schedule
    The First term

    3 months
    Finding a job in Japan
    • ・How to write a resume, interview manners
    • ・Basic business e-mail
    • ・Personal summary and motivation letter
    • ・Japanese business situation (corporate analysis)
    • ・News
    • ・Conversation (attitudinal expressions)
    JLPT N1 level reading, vocabulary and grammar Register onto a job searching database Assist explanatory seminars
    Apply for jobs
    ↓  ↓
    Written employment
    exam and interview
    The second term

    3 months
    Working skills for a Japanese company
    • ・Business conversation
    • ・Business manner
    • ・Newspaper reading and discussion
    • ・Business documents(within the company)
    • ・Presentation

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      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    1st hour Pronunciation & Vocabulary Pronunciation & Vocabulary Pronunciation & Vocabulary Pronunciation & Vocabulary Pronunciation & Vocabulary
    2nd hour Reading Business manners e-mail & resume Read & discuss Comprehensive Japanese
    3rd hour Comprehensive Japanese Business conversation Interview drills Comprehensive Japanese Japanese business reality
    4th hour
    After classes Individual counseling, interview simulation

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    100 ARC’s students in total were successfully employed in companies/organizations in previous 3 years.

    The graph shows the breakdown of the industries.