Students enrolled into a Japanese Language School, with excellent marks and attendance rates, can apply for scholarships through various scholarships systems.

After enrollment, apply following the school’s procedures. 

1. Program for the promotion of international students acceptance (Japan Organization for Students Support)

  • ・ Estimated allowance:30,000JPY/month × 12 months
  • ・ Limited availability

2. LSH ASIA Scholarship Association

  • ・ Estimated allowance:100,000JPY
  • ・ Availability: 1 person (on recommendation)

3. Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship

  • ・ Estimated allowance:60,000JPY/month ×12 months
  • ・ Availability: 1 person (on recommendation)

■Full Attendance Prize

Students with perfect attendance (no delays, no absences) over a 6 month period (between April and September or October and March) are awarded with this prize.