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Important news

We are announcing the launch of our new Website.


  • Speech Contest will be held on September 1, 2017

    A speech will be made from each class representative of Shibuya (Iidabashi) School and Shinjuku School, as wel […]

    Aug 04,2017
  • Notification of Summer holidays 2017

    All the schools of ARC Academy will be closed during the following period;Sat, August 12 to Sun, August 20, 20 […]

    Aug 01,2017
  • Intensive Course – October 2017 and January 2018 school term

    The schedule has been updated.Please click here to see the details. *Shinjuku School has been fully booked. *O […]

    Jul 10,2017
  • Study Abroad Course from January 2018 school term

    Application for Study Abroad Course from January 2018 has started. *Shinjuku School is full already. Please cl […]

    Jul 10,2017
  • Sports festival 2017 at Iidabashi School

    The all students of Iidabashi school participated in Sports festival(Undokai) in June 2017.  Please click to r […]

    Jun 10,2017
  • Student Achievements of the year 2016

    Click to see the list of Student Achievement of the year 2016.

    Apr 14,2017
  • Comprehensive Graduation Ceremony (Iidabashi & Shinjuku Schools)

    Graduation Ceremony was held in Bunkyo Civic Hall jointly with Iidabashi and Shinjuku schools on Tuesday, Marc […]

    Mar 12,2017

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