Starting from the intermediate level, students of the Standard Study Abroad Course and Intensive Course have access to three optional classes per week. Students freely choose 3 classes they want to take according to their learning needs, from the special preparation classes for EJU or JLPT test up to more technical ones.


    • 1. Depending on the day of the week, they are into 3 types: “about Japan”, “reading” and “listening”.
    • 2. Rich selection of exam preparation classes.
    • 3. The classes offer the opportunity to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture as well.
  • 料金

    Program (sample)

    October term program sample:

    About Japan
    • -N1 listening drills
    • -N2 listening drills
    • -N3 listening drills
    • -EJU listening drills
    • -Interview listening
    • -EJU essay and interview exercises
    • -Preparation for University III
    • -Tips on job search I
    • -History of Japan
    • -N1 reading drills
    • -N2 reading drills
    • -N3 reading drills
    • -EJU reading drills
    • -Tips for reading dissertations and academic papers
    • -Reading newspapers and magazines

    January term program sample:

    About Japan
    • -Learn to get: business manners
    • -Lear Japanese with J-pop!
    • -Learn Japanese with dramas!
    • -Learn Japanese with theater
    • -Tips for job search II
    • -Visit to a Japanese elementary school
    • -Listen to the news
    • -Entertainment shows
    • -Conversation Japanese
      (intermediate level)
    • -Conversation Japanese
      (advanced level)
    • -Enjoy Japanese classics
    • -Novels and essays
    • -Learn Japanese with manga!
    • -Dissertation and technical texts practical reading
    • -Let’s rad with fun!

    *There are no optional classes for elementary and pre-intermediate levels. Also, given their special programs, students of Special Preparatory Class for Graduate School, Special Preparatory Class for University and Business Japanese Class are not covered by the optional class system.

    *Optional classes are dedicated to ARC’s students only. It is not possible to apply just to optional classes.

    *Programs change every school term. Students are provided with more information upon entrance.

    • “History”:Kagurazaka walking

    • Activities at Japanese Elementery School

    • Short Play Performance by students

    • Students watching an entertainment show!

  • 料金

    Students’ voices

    • ・By watching Japanese news, I felt the desire to learn more about Japan. Questions in our teacher’s test were always very interesting!(Listen to the news)
    • ・My reading speed got very fast!(Tips for reading dissertations and academic papers)
    • ・I learnt many useful expressions with dramas. I really enjoyed this class.(Learn Japanese with dramas!)
    • ・The program was fun, I learned a lot! (N1 listening drills)
    • ・I believe that improvisational theater helped me with real lie conversation too!(Theater)
    • ・I will never forget our visit to the elementary school, it was a beautiful experience. (Visit to a Japanese elementary school)