Application guidelines to the Standard Study Abroad Course

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    Application Conditions

    1. Applicants must have a high school degree or higher (having completed at least a 12-year basic education cycle).

    2. Applicants must be mentally and physically healthy, have a serious learning drive and be able to afford the costs of living and studying abroad.

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    Application procedure

    Please keep in mind that it takes about 6 months to get a regular student visa.

    If you are considering getting a student visa, we recommend inquiring as soon as possible with the school of your choice.
    The procedure from the application to the first day of school is as follows:

    5 to 6 months before entrance


    Please ask the school for more information.
    We reply to all your questions!

    Application form and requested documents

    Following the school instructions, provide the application form and requested documents.

    Document screening (in some cases, Skype interview is required)
    Application fee

    The school notifies the applicant with screening
    results and prepares documents for visa application.


    5 to 4 months before entrance

    Application for COE to Immigration Bureau

    ARC Academy submits requests for COE (Certificate of Eligibility) to the Immigration Bureau.


    2 to 1 month before entrance

    Release of COE and notification

    The school promptly notify the applicants about the release of COE.

    Payment of Registration fee & Tuition fees

    Please settle the invoice for Registration Fee & Tuition Fee within two weeks.

    Once the payment is received, the school sends COE and Admission Certificate with certified mail to the applicant.

    The school also provides support into finding an accommodation upon applicant’s request.

    Accommodation arrangement (upon request)
    Sending of COE and Admission Certificate
    Apply to a Japanese Consulate for student visa

    With the COE and Admission Certificate, the applicant must request his or her student visa to a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in his or her Country.


    Arrival in Japan and entrance

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    Requested documents

    Requested documents to complete the application may vary depending on applicant’s nationality.
    Please contact the school for more details.

    • 1. Application Form (sheet A, B-1, B-2, B-3)

    • 2. Copy of the highest diploma attained or copy of transcript
    • 3. Copy of passport
    • 4. 4 pictures (size 4cm×3cm)
    • 5. Proof of Japanese language proficiency (if any)
    • 6. Guarantee for bearing studying and living expenses (sheet C)
    • 7. Copy of Bank statement
    • 8. Proof of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor
    • 9. Sponsor’s employment certificate and annual income certificate

    ※ All documents must be submitted with a Japanese translation.

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    About the student Visa

    The visa obtainable with ARC Academy’s Admission Certificate is a Student Visa. The initial period of stay is of 1 year and 3 months, but it can be extended of one more year or 6 more months as necessary.
    Activities for people in Japan under a student visa, are limited to study. As the student visa is connected to the enrollment into an educational institution, any remaining validity is revoked in case of withdrawal from school.
    Attendance rates are very important for foreign students. In case of bad attendance rates, admission into higher education and visa extension can be denied, and the students are requested to leave the school. ARC Academy requires its students to have an attendance rate of 90% or higher every month.
    Please, do your best to comply with this rule and make good use of your time as a foreign student!

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    Representative offices abroad

    Representative office
    Tianjin Office
    QQ: 1779225733
    QQ: 1264281404
    Representative Office
    Academia Japonia
    carrer de Guitard, 15, 
    08014 Barcelona, Spain
    Tel: +34-93-444-4198
    South Korea
    Representative Office
    Kaigai Kyoiku Jigyo-dan (KK)
    Doosan B/D701, 1319-11 Seocho-dong, Seocho, Seoul, South Korea
    TEL: +82-2-552-1010
    FAX: +82-2-552-1062