ARC Academy can support students finding a convenient accommodation commute-wise, through our partner real estate agents and lodging facilities.

In Tokyo, rent can be of 60,000-70,000JPY for a single room, 40,000-50,000JPY for a double room, and 30,000JPY for a 4-people room.

It is important to comply with trash separation, night noise prevention and other rules of the area one lives in.

Usually, the tenant must personally sign the lease contract with the lender. Also, the tenant cannot increase the number of people without permit, or sublease the apartment to others. When entering a new apartment, aside the rent, additional fees may include entrance fee and other deposits.

There are also some dormitories that request the occupants to pay their own utilities. Here are some of the main accommodation options.Please ask the school of our choice for more details on how to apply.



ARC Academy, in partnership with Homestay in JAPAN, allows students to experience homestay with a Japanese family. Costs are as follows (please note there is an initial arrangement fee):

  • ・ 1 night (with breakfast):4,536JPY (VAT included)
  • ・ 1 night (with breakfast and dinner):5,076JPY (VAT included)
  • ※※For optional services such as airport pick up or cooking lessons, please inquire directly.