Class Schedule

April Semester 2024
Entrance ceremony Wednesday, April 5th
Classes April 8th(Mon)~June 21st(Fri)
Holidays ・Golden Week:April 27th(Sat)~May 6th(Mon)
Summer Holidays June 22nd(Sat)~Jul 7th(Sun)
July Semester 2024
Entrance ceremony July 3rd(Wed)
Classes July 8th(Mon)~September 20th(Fri)
Holidays ・Marine Day:July 15th(Mon)
・Obon Holidays:August 10th(Sat)~18th(Sun)
・Respect for the Aged Day:September 16th(Mon)
School break September 21st(Sat)~October 14th(Mon)
October Semester 2024
Entrance ceremony October 9th(Wed)
Classes October 15th(Tue)~December 20th(Fri)
Winter break December 21st(Sat)~January 8th(Wed)
January Semester 2025
Entrance ceremony January 7th(Tue)
Classes January 9th(Thu)~March 19th(Wed)
Holidays ・Coming of Age Day:January 13th(Mon)
・Emperor’s Birthday(Substitute Holiday):February 24th(Mon)