Osaka School

Basic information

Name ARC Academy Osaka
Principal Miya Tagayasu
Capacity 225 students
Opening September 2003
Public Notice by Ministry of Justice April 2004
Acknowledgement as Miscellaneous School April 2016
Address 1-2-25 Nipponbashi Nishi, Naniwa, Osaka 556-0004, Japan
Reception From Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm(closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays)
Available courses Standard Study Abroad Course
Intensive Course
Available classes Standard Study Abroad CourseOptional classes for exam preparationOptional Classes


Principal’s Message

  • Miya Tagayasu, Principal

    ARC’s students, come to Japan from different countries, they use different languages and have different backgrounds.

    Nevertheless, they all recognize this differences, and passionately study Japanese language and culture. If you like improving with one another and want to become someone that can make a difference in the world, enroll to ARC Academy.



School Facilities

  • Entrance


  • Reception


  • Teachers’ room

    Teachers’ room

  • Classrooms


  • PC corner

    PC corner

  • Lounge


The Area

Speaking of Osaka Southern area, one cannot but think about takoyaki and okonomiyaki, delicious and cheap street food. One minute walk from Osaka School, on the West side, is “Namba Parks”, a popular recreation spot with shops, restaurants and cinemas. On the East side, you can find the famous “Den-Den Town” with its electric appliances stores. Form Osaka, cities like Kyoto, Kobe and Nara are easily accessible on weekends, for short sightseeing breaks. Other famous attractions include Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle and Kaiyukan aquarium. You will surely fall in love with this lively, energetic “merchants town” once you experience it.

  • Namba Parks

    Namba Parks

  • Osaka Castle

    Osaka Castle

  • Kaiyukan Aquarium

    Kaiyukan Aquarium

  • Universal Studios Japan

    Universal Studios Japan


*From exit 5 of subway Midosuji Line: 

From Namba Station on Midosuji line, exit 5, walk along Takashimaya Department store on your left for about 200 m. Turn left at the Namba Naka Crossway. Walk under the elevated Nankai Railroad, turn right at the next crossway (on the opposite side you should see Saint Marc Café). Continue south along the Nankai Railway, with the South building of Namba City on your right. Walk past Yoshinoya on your right, convenience store Lawson and hardware shop “Factory Gear” on your left and turn left at the first T-crossing. ARC Academy Osaka is in the cream colored building next to the parking lot. Reception is on the 1st floor.




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