Privacy Policy

Our School uses and preserves the Personal Information provided in compliance with present policy and the laws regulating the matter.

1.About Information Collection

Personal Information is properly collected within the scope of utilization purposes. Utilization purposes are announced on our home page. Utilization purposes are also clearly shown in case Personal Information is collected in written form.

2.About Utilization Purposes

Our School uses Personal Information provided within the scope of the following utilization purposes:

  • ①To handle inquiries and application procedure;
  • ②To supervise students’ education and life in general, communications and various procedures;
  • ③To issue certificates;
  • ④To transmit students’ related documents to institutions the students are transferring or upgrading to;
  • ⑤To provide updates to financial sponsors and/or families;
  • ⑥To make applications, submissions and reports to public authorities, in conformity with laws and regulations.

 In case Personal Information are needed for uses other than those listed above, student’s consent shall be considered as implicitly granted. When the Utilization Purposes are revised, the revision will be posted on the School’s website.

3.On Safety Control Measures

While ensuring integrity of Personal Information, our School also strictly applies appropriate safety measures to prevent risks of leakage. Moreover, as for Personal Information which is no longer necessary to retain, such information will be promptly deleted.
Our School provides adequate training to its teaching staff regarding the handling of Personal Information, and in case a third party is entrusted with the handling of Personal Information, the School shall select only the consignee meeting the safety management standards. The School shall appropriately manage and supervise the entrusted company.

4.About disclosure to third parties

Our School does not disclose Personal Information to other parties, unless otherwise instructed by the student or in the cases listed below. Furthermore, in case Personal Information are disclosed to a third party, in conformity with laws and regulations, the School shall keep records of the disclosure.

  • ① If required by law;
  • ② If necessary to preserve the student’s life, physical integrity or possessions;
  • ③ If necessary for public health or to promote the sound growth of children;
  • ④ If necessary to cooperate with a state or local government institution.

5.On acquisition from a third party

In case the School acquires Personal Information from a third party, the School shall verify the name and address of the third party, and how the third party gathered said information. The School shall keep records in conformity with the law.

6.About the release, correction and discontinuance of utilization of retained Personal Information

The School shall promptly comply, in conformity with the laws, if the student personally requests the release, correction or discontinuance of utilization of retained Personal Information.
To request such actions, the student shall address a formal application, in written form, providing a document to confirm the student’s identity and contact information, to either one of the following addresses
In the same way, the School shall also accept complaints, consultations and opinions.

【For inquiries】

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7-18-16 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Toshin Nishi Shinjuku Building 3F, Tokyo 160-0023