Would you like to find a job in Japan?


Hong Kong
Study Abroad Course Business Japanese Class (Shibuya)

I entered Arc Academy’s Study Abroad course and I am now staying in Japan under a working visa after graduation.

Would you like to find a job in Japan? Studying in Business Japanese Language course is a good starting point. ARC Academy not only has regular job posting that may interest you, teachers are helpful to polish your resume, conduct mock interview with you and provide valuable advices to improve your interview skill.

Besides, unlike many other Japanese Language Schools which use textbook sold in book store, ARC Academy provides its own teaching materials that are customized to the needs of students. This helps to equip students with business Japanese languages skill that are commonly used in the real world.

Especially, I like the teaching style of the class which is interactive and always provides rooms for the students to express their opinions. This not only makes the class more interesting, but also it provides me with invaluable opportunity to improve my Japanese speaking skill.

Entered Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School