Be 100% sure you want to study in Japan


Pinkus (Mexico)
Shinjuku School



Q. What made you decide to study Japanese in Japan?

I wanted to learn a new language and I was interested in Anime culture. I wanted a challenge in my life and I think Japan is a completely different world from what I was used to.


Q. Were you worried before coming to Japan?

I was very worried because it was the first time I would be studying in a different school and different country.


Q. How are the lessons at ARC Academy?

They were very good. If I had a question, they would answer it right away or look for the answer later. They were very considerable with me.


Q. Is there any lesson you particularly enjoyed?

I really liked the first kanji classes because they would explain the origin of the kanji.


Q. What do you find most difficult about learning Japanese?

Kanji is the most difficult for me especially all the different pronunciations.


Q. What do you think about the teachers at ARC Academy?

They are really nice teachers and most of them would help you out if they see you struggling.


Q. How do you spend your free time?

Talking with my friends and watching anime or dramas.


Q. What kind of place do you live? How did you find your accommodation?

In a share house. A friend of mine recommended the company because it has English support and no key money or deposit money.


Q. Do you think that prices in Japan are high?

Yes, if you compare the prices with Latin America and United States, but maybe for Europeans not so much.


Q. Please give your advice to those who are considering studying in Japan.

Learning Japanese is really difficult. My only advice is to be 100% sure you want to study/work in Japan or it will be very stressful and difficult.