The teachers are very gentle


Hongming (China)
Shinjuku School



When I was a senior in high school, I had the idea of studying in Japan. At the same time as graduating from high school, I also completed the preparation to study broad, so I came to Japan as an October-term student and started my life in Japan.


It was my first time in Japan and I didn’t speak Japanese at all. What’s more, I got a C in the first exam at the school but thanks to my teachers who had a rich teaching experience, I realized what my problems were and found solutions.


Teachers are very gentle. At first, I thought the teachers would tell me off for my poor Japanese but teachers were not only kind but they are very responsible. All the students participate in lessons and make progress in lessons.


Lessons are interesting. Various subjects such as listening, speaking, reading, composition etc. are included in a week. You can also learn Japanese history, culture, manners thorough the lessons.


By participating various activities, I improved my willingness to learn Japanese and I also made lots of Japanese friends. Having studied with students from different countries and made progress together, my life in Japan is so enjoyable.