School activities & events

Events calendar changes every year. Also, the type of events organized may vary.

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Every school organizes its own field trips. The following are pictures taken in such occasions.

  • ▲Iidabashi School, Enoshima & Kamakura

  • ▲Iidabashi School, Mother Farm

  • ▲Shinjuku School, Oshino Hakkai & Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave (Yamanashi Prefecture)

  • ▲Shinjuku School, Kamakura & Odawara

  • ▲Osaka School, Food sample workshop

  • ▲Osaka School, Yuzen dyeing workshop

  • ▲Kyoto School, Byodo-in

  • ▲Kyoto School, Nishijin weaving workshop